Friday, 11 September 2015


I'm here with first topic. I could say that this is really HOT topic and you will see why. And I will try to keep it short because I don't want you to read my post for hour. Your time is precious.

I will be talking about my blogging history and what I think that became with blogger sphere lately.

I remember days when there was lot of, lot of, LOT OF blogs. LOT OF. I started with blog oh my god...7 years ago (it is so crazy!!). My first blog was about Tokio Hotel (:DD) and I shared it with two friends. it was basically...copying pictures from another sites without source. Haha. We knew NOTHING (Game of Thrones hint :D) about blogging. 
Another blog was...I don't know, maybe just some kind of diary, and it turned into J-rock and Japan blog because I became huge Japan fan. I was obssesed with J-rock and I'm still loving it. In that time I remember that biggest hit was blog about editing pictures in Photoshop or Photofilter. So much pixels, banners, blog themes on internet :D and I was also making them of course. I love editing pictures till now but you know, style changed a little :D
But time goes on and K-pop (korean pop) took place of J-rock. So whole blog was about my most beloved boy group Super Junior. Super Junior there, Super Junior here, Super Junior released new music video, one member of Super Junior made a tweet oh my god! It was crazy. I was crazy :D i was crazy about them. For three whole years. God save me. And yeah there was still some diary posts. After that I became Harry Potter freak and after that my blog turned into totally random blog. And now we're here. 7 years and I'm writing another random post :D

I was also thinking why I stopped posting so often. I'm kind of sad because of what happened with all these blogs. People (more girls than boys) have blog now because they want to become famous, they want fashion or cosmetic brands to cooperate with them. They want to get something of it. If you know what I mean. It's not anymore for fun or for relax. Ok maybe it is, But now it's not enough. Girls think that when there is no cooperative offer from some shop, they are not good. But they are. It just isn't enough for them that they are people who actually read what they wrote. But isn't it what it is about? 
It is sad for me. Yes I love fashion. I love shopping and if I could, I would be shopping every day. But I'm poor :( :D just kidding. A little. BUT. Whole internet is now about fashion. I love original people but it got into that phase when everybody are so original, that they are actually all same. Isn't it funny? But no hating. It is only what it seems to be to me.

And what YOU and your blog history? Is there something you are ashame for? Tell us :D and what do you think about big fashion blogs boom?

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  1. Tyyjo, to je fakt doba. I já před nějakou takovouhle dobou začínala (radši nebudu pátrat v paměti kolik je to let :D). A taky jsem psala o nějakých celebritách ze začátku... Ale tím si asi prošlo spoustu blogerů, ktěří blogují dodnes. :D :)
    Chápu. Já sama teda o kosmetice (převážně) několik let píšu, ale baví mě to. A nezakládala jsem blog s tím, že za to něco budu chtít, to je podle mě hloupost a o ničem. Člověk pak ve svém životě ztrácí čas na něco nepochopitelného, pokud ho to opravdu nebaví...


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